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Customers see efficiency gains using Prism Deploy's Smart Update technology

Healthcare organization (12 hospitals, 100 care sites, over 28,000 employees)

"Our previous deployment technologies were failing us. The products lacked the flexibility needed for us to be agile 
in our deployments. The flexibility of New Boundary Technologies' unique configuration groups make it simple to 
move beyond standard Active Directory mechanisms to target groups of devices for application deployments." - 
Director of Technical Services

“The deployment of our EMR software to 3,500 devices at our flagship hospital was essentially flawless using Prism Deploy. One value-add was that we were able to use Prism Deploy to roll out updated Citrix ICA files and appropriate NIC settings beforehand. Prism Deploy’s ease of use, simplicity and track record enabled us to move up some of our critical implementation timelines."- Technical Manager

Senior living organization (residential sites in over 30 states serving 67,000 residents with a continuum of care)

"Configuration groups automatically sort all 8,500+ PCs into site-specific groups. That way, if a particular site needs a unique deployment or other configuration change, our administrators can quickly deploy the change to just that group of PCs. Given both the pace and the amount of growth we've experienced, we couldn't have accomplished half of what we did without using Prism." - Senior Director of IT

Municipal water service (serving over 450,000 residents)

"Many of our desktop users had installed a Google toolbar that essentially broke their ability to use our core computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). We set up a configuration group to identify computers with the toolbar installed, and then assigned a removal package to the group. Now the toolbar is automatically removed from any computer it gets installed on. This eliminated the issue and significantly reduced helpdesk calls concerning the CMMS." - IT Systems Support Specialist

Regional government entity (IT services for 25 townships)

"We use configuration groups to automatically group PCs into functional areas within our 10 sub-sites. If we need to deploy an updated groundwater data catalog, for example, we can be confident that the configuration groups contains all the relevant PCs for that deployment. The ability to create configuration groups means we can automate much more than was previously possible."- IT Administrator

Legal Firm (10 offices, 1,200 PCs, 10 servers)

“Prism Deploy's configuration groups make our software rollouts so simple. We're able to target deployments to PCs based on configuration settings such as office location, Active Directory group, software versions, even registry keys. Once the configuration groups are set up and the tasks assigned, there is no need to do anything else. As new computers come online, they automatically join the groups and get their deployments.” - IT Applications Manager

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Customer Success

“We’ve been using Prism Deploy for years to install and maintain software on over 2,500 PCs. We’ve always been impressed by the high quality of New Boundary Technologies’ solutions, their people and their outstanding technical support." - Chip Eckardt, Univeristy of Wisconsin – Eau Claire