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More Features and Benefits of Prism Mobile

Manage Your Deployment Tasks (Packages, Scripts, Commands, Windows Installer files)

  • Edit task properties
  • Make a new task assignment to a computer or group
  • Manipulate existing task assignments - reinstall (now, later, at next logon or next start up), uninstall or delete an assignment

Monitor Deployment Issues

  • See at a glance the number issues related to deployments
  • Learn which issues are new since the last time you checked
  • Sort deployment results by task name, by time or by target computer name
  • View detailed error results for each deployment that failed
  • Identify which computers or tasks have the highest number of recent deployment issues

Take Corrective Action

  • Fix typos in a task’s command syntax that causes it to fail     
  • Change an assignment’s run-as account, or correct the run-as password
  • Disable a task or remove its assignment to give yourself more time to troubleshoot

Learn About Your Managed Computers

  • Look at detailed properties of computers such as OS version, Prism client version, last poll time, IP and MAC addresses, etc.
  • Initiate a “poll now” request for a computer to check in with the Prism server
  • Check to see which tasks have been assigned directly to a computer
  • Check to see what groups a computer belong to

View Information about Your Computer Groups

  • View and search your Smart Update configuration groups and organizational groups, which include Active Directory groups
  • Navigate easily from parent groups to their subgroups
  • Identify which computers are members of a group
  • View the rule text that defines a Smart Update configuration group
  • Verify that computers are joining critical Smart Update configuration groups as expected
  • See which tasks have already been assigned directly to groups, and make new assignments to groups
  • Reinstall, uninstall or delete existing group task assignments
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Prism Mobile Buzz

"We always have field techs out solving problems at our many sites - we call it "going on rounds." It's the reason we bought iPads for the techs. Prism Mobile allows us to monitor deployments and config groups and to fix any issues as soon as they happen, without having to be logged into the Prism console. Prism Mobile is a fantastic addition to Prism Suite!" - J.P.